DRaaS to Aid After a Disaster.

Disaster recovery as a Service (henceforth known as DRaaS) is a set of processes and procedures put into effect by a company to help aid in disaster recovery. These processes can aid in a company’s recovery if anything should happen and should be taken very seriously so that the company can recover and survive a disaster rather than just entirely tanking under the pressure. DRaaS companies should be contacted before a problem arises so that they can ensure you have the proper backup systems in place to protect your business. They are often cheap and with how much they can save you should something ever go wrong they are definitely worth what they ask for.

VaultScape, see video here, is the biggest in DRaaS right now. With their enterpise backup solution they offer physical and data recovery processes and can do your system recovery in no time flat saving you from having to completely rebuild a website or from other problems in a similar field. They will ensure that should a disaster occur saving your company will be as simple as the push of a few buttons. They should have you back up and running within a few hours or even minutes depending on just how much has been lost in your crisis. VaultScape also offers backup servers which will allow you to save any necessary data to them and allow you immediate access to old files should you need them for any other reason. VaultScape is certainly the company to go to for all your DRaaS needs though they should absolutely be visited before the disaster rather than after.

Finding the right DRaaS and getting the help you might need long before it happens is simply good foresight and can allow for you to have some options when your company’s world crashes down. You can hope to never need to use these systems but if you end up needing them you’ll be glad that you’ve kept them up to date and ready to help you in your time of need.

Online Backup Alternatives

Have you ever lost important data, photos, documents or programs that you had acquired over a period? In the past, we did not have feasible alternatives. We relied on floppy diskettes, external hard drives, flash drives or the hard drive itself. If you have ever had a failure of your hard drive, flash drive or external hard drive you will appreciate these services. There are now alternatives and never again lose that important data.

VaultScape is one of the innovators in this field. It allows you to back up your data to their servers. When you hear the term Cloud backup, you assume it goes somewhere in outer space. This is a misnomer because you are actually sending it to a secure server that uses encryption to protect your data.

Cloud Backup may seem expensive in the beginning, but it also serves as disaster recovery solution. Disaster recovery as a service is relatively new. In the past, it would have required an expert to recover your data. Disaster Recovery as a Service can possibly save businesses millions in the future. Businesses need to ask themselves how important is their data. With data backed up in the cloud, they have the peace of mind that it is safe. Numerous s companies provide this service. VaultScape is a leader in this field. Cost versus convenience is a factor in choosing a service.

Online Backup also known as Cloud storage is data that is remotely stored on a server owned by a backup service. It has advantages and disadvantages some of which I will briefly discuss. Advantages that I have personally experienced have been beneficial. If you have ever had a virus on your hard drive and had to reformat it, cloud storage makes sit easy and convenient. You are also able to access the files remotely from any PC, laptop or tablet. How convenient can that be? You are also able to share files with others. One of the main disadvantages you might experience would be with bandwidth. If you have to share large files, this can be a disadvantage to you.

Whether you decide to use, a cloud-based service is a matter of personal choice. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Evolution Of Business Software

Small business and non-profits are always seeking low cost, yet technologically sound investments to help manage their accounting needs. Too often, these small businesses rely upon handwritten notes scrawled upon ‘stickies’ or notepads. Another peril companies face is by choosing outdated accounting software that is no longer relevant to modern needs or being corralled into purchasing big name products that are much too advanced for their needs.

When selecting POS software or generalized accounting software for your small business or non-profit needs, it is imperative that you select a feature rich program. You will want access to detailed reports that you can customized in any way you see fit, quick view of purchase and debt histories, and an easy to use interface that is not over complicated or confusing.

Non-profits will require specialized needs be met in their accounting software. You will need to handle contributions from you various donors, grants you have received throughout the year, and investments and fund raising income that will make reporting this information on your taxes easier. Generally, you will not have the cash or the experience needed to purchase the super expensive specialized accounting software solutions that are available, so it is a must that you do your research and find a low cost but reliable software solution that handles your needs well and accurately.

Cougar Mountain Software provides nonprofit accounting software that is designed specifically for the small business or non-profit organization. Software packages such as FUND Basecamp allow your organization to grow well beyond the scope of your current solution. It allows you to monitor multiple bank accounts, track expenses by individual department, set up and manage budget plans and generates official auditing trails that will ensure your company is protected each tax season.

Cougar Mountain’s solutions are designed not only to keep up with your company’s growth, but also to help grow it. Each software package is designed to be completely modular. This allows your company to purchase only the features you need, and cut out any expenses you do not require. It also allows your company to meet the demanding needs of growth quickly. Scaling your software to your company needs and size is as easy as adding a new module.

In business for over 30 years, Cougar Mountain ( has a proven history of delivering smart, reliable products and solutions to companies all over the world. They understand the needs of the non-profit and provide a one-stop solution for your accounting needs.