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This article is about my recommend embedded board
1. idea6410 board
This embedded board use Samsung S3C6410 ARM11 as the main processor.It come with
various type of peripheral interfaces as much as necessary. It suitable for automotive , industrial control applications or medical system.This board can run many OS such as Windows Embedded CE 6.0,
Embedded Linux 2.6, Android and Ubuntu.View more information about this board here.

idea6410 development board

2. HAWK board
This embedded board was developed by Texus Instrument.It suitable for using in DSP
application. The main processor in this board is OMAP-L138 (ARM926EJ-S) run at
300 MHz.The OS and RTOS that can run on HAWK board are WinCE , Android , QNX,
eCos , Linux Angstrom or even if UBUNTU can be ported to this development board too.
The sale price is only 89 USD (cheaper that BeagleBoard-xM) make it one of the interesting
board to buy.


This embedded board is specific for Android developer.It is high performance development board.
Main processor is Samsung S5PC110 Cortex-A8 run at 1 GHz with 3D Accelerator : SGX540.
This board has mini HDMI connector (video out) support up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, so you
can view the Full HD 1080p video on HDTV by using this board as video player. Other features
included in this board are also the same as the features of Netbook.
(It has WiFi , Bluetooth , USB , Audio-out , MicroSD Card Slot , etc).
View more information about ODROID-T at here. Selling price of ODROID-T is around 549 USD.


This embedded board use Super-scalar ARM Cortex-A8 as its core processor (speed at 1 GHz) .
It contain 512 MB DDR RAM and with this amount of ram enable user to run many applications
from the simple one to the complicate.It also support many OS such as Ubuntu , Android , MeeGo,
WinCE, QNX, Angstrom, Symbian, Debian, Gentoo, and others (View the project that use with this
board on this page). CPU of BeagleBoard-xM has DSP capability so it can perform DSP tasks such
as video streaming. It support Open GL ES 2.0 (make it able to render the 3D graphics user interface), otherwise this board come with S-video port (TV out) , DVI-D port (allow addition of digital computer monitors and HDTVs) , Audio IN/OUT port and Camera port. With this board user can debug the program running on this board via JTAG interface too. Price of this board is only 179 USD and you can buy it from Digi-Key.


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