Embedded scientific calculator.

Casio fx-9860gsd is one of scientific calculator that can use for
calculate scientific formular otherwise it also can be used in controlling
as the embedded calculator.

Casio fx-9860gsd has the graphic LCD display (only two colors , black & white).
It use high performance processor , has the serial port and also has the SD card slot.
This calculator can be programmed without using the external program-burning equipment
(user can write program and download compiled-program to the calculator).
The software development kit for develop the software is free for download (include the compiler,
library and IDE). This SDK can make Casio fx-9860gsd to become good embedded controller board.
The drawback is it doesn’t have input/output port sufficiently to use ,however we can solve this drawback
by use the external equipment to expand I/O port.

Important technical specification of Casio fx-9860gsd are as follow…
– Use CPU from Renesas (SuperH-3 32-bit RISC processor) run at 100/133 MHz (depent on the working
– RAM 512 kB
– 4 MB Flash memory (can actually use about 1.5 MB)
– Download program to the calculator via mini USB by using FA-124 software.
– One channel serial port.
– Addition application can be appended to the calculator by ourselve.
– Develop program using C language and the SDK is free for download.
– Have SD card slot (SD card used for install new application or store the data).
– Noise tolerant and high stability.
– Can exchange the program between two calculators using the special signal-wire.

Casio fx-9860g sd

Casio fx-9860g sd

Essential software you need to download before start develop the program for Casio fx-9860gsd

First download SDK for fx-9860g (this SDK contain IDE and C
compiler). The registration is required and you must own the real Casio fx-9860gsd
(because it request for the identification number that stick at the back of this scientific calculator).
If you don’t have real Casio fx-9860g series then you can’t download this SDK.
Visit https://edu.casio.com/download_service/register/regist_form.php for register and download SDK.

Second download library Revolutionfx from http://revolution-fx.sourceforge.net.
This library help in reading and writing via serial port of the calculator (You cannot
access the serial port by using only the SDK from casio).
It also has the routine for draw a line or graph and include special function that is
valuable for working with this calculator.

Last software that need to download is Casio FA-124. This software use for download or
burn the program into calculator. You can download Casio FA-124 at http://world.casio.com/edu/resources/fa124/index.html.

When you have all three software above , you must install the fx-9860g SDK first
after that install the Revolutionfx library and Casio FA-124 respectively.

This article doesn’t talk about how to set up the environment for develop the program
and how to write the C code instruction for this calculator because I intend to write the
review for Casio fx-9860gsd only.

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1. Prototype Electronics Magazine (issue 11 , June 2010)
2. http://www.tpemagazine.com

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