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SUP500F module

GPS Locator is GPS used for indentify the position at the point that receiving the signal. This article is about the review of SUP500F ,
small GPS receiver module with built-in antenna.
SUP500F module receives signal from satellite in order to find the coordinate on the earth. It’s cheap and suitable for study or apply
for practical use. The antenna is located inside its body so you don’t need to connect addition external antenna to this module.
It’s small and can be enclosed in the box , however due to it use internal antenna , the efficiency of signal receiving will decrease if
you use it inside the building (it prefer to use outdoor).

In general, GPS module cannot adjust any setting value.It can only receive the signal from satellite and send coordinate value to other devices.
SUP500F is different. It allow user to adjust its setting values such as update rate (maximum update rate is 10 Hz), baud rate by using GPS Configuration software and send
command to update module’s setting value via UART communication.

SUP500F can be connected to microcontroller that use 5 Volt or 3.3 Volt Power Supply. It also can connect to computer via MAX3232 IC too.
Click here to view the outline circuit of SUP500F connecting to 5 Volt microcontroller, click here for connecting to 3.3 Volt microcontroller and
click here for connecting to computer.

From the datasheet of SUP500F , input voltage for VDD pin can be in the range of 3.0 – 5.5 Volt DC
but the maximum input voltage level that can supply to Rx and Tx pin of SUP500F is only 3.3 Volt
so when you connect SUP500F module to MAX3232 IC , you must make sure that you supply not over 3.3 Volt to the VCC Pin of MAX3232
because if you supply more than 3.3 Volt, it will make the signal level of Rx and Tx pin of MAX3232 to be more than 3.3 Volt , therefore cannot
connect directly to SUP500F.

SUP500F module use GPS chipset from SKYTRAQ (IC name : Venus634FLPx) so you can use SKYTRAQ software to read the data from SUP500F.
The data sent from SUP500F is in NMEA-0183 format. You can use Map Software that able to receive the data in NMEA-0183 protocol
together with SUP500F in order to plot your travelling route or show your current position on the earth. The example Map software that can use with SUP500F
is MapKing. You can download MapKing.

SUP500F is suitable for make the applications like PND (personal navigation device) , Automatic Vehicle Location , Personal Tracking , Geo-Tagging , Smartphone
and much more. It’s easy to use and easy to interface with other devices. To view more information about SUP500F , please visit this Sparkfun page.

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