netDuino is another opensource hardware platform designed by Secret Labs.
Main microcontroller in this board is ARM7 from Atmel (AT91SAM7X512).
The IDE for developing program on netDuino board is MS visual C# 2010 (you can’t use C# 2008 and older version of C#) and it’s free
for download.
Other software need to install before start writing program is .NET Micro Framework and netDuino SDK (see this page for download them).

It include well-known interface bus such as I2C , UART , SPI and I/O port including GPIOs, PWM (pulse-width-modulation) and ADC
(Analog to Digital Converter).

Main development language is C#, so if you’re familiar with C# and have knowledge in microcontroller interfacing then you can make
a lot of fun projects from netDuino (however you also have to study about how to use the library of .Net Micro Framework).

With the price of 34.95 USD make netduino one of interesting development board for everyone who want to learn .NET Micro Framework
in order to make a little embedded project.

There’s an emulator for netDuino board too but I’m not sure that it’s included in the netDuino SDK or not .I suggest you to use an emulator from or you can download it from
this thread of Netduino forum.
It run on top of MS .NET Micro Framework and it help you to test and debug your source code without having the real netDuino hardware.

I also compare netDuino with FEZ domino and I found that the result are as below
1. Price of netDuino is cheaper than FEZ domino.
2. Fez domino has peripherals attached to the board more than netDuino.
3. Fez domino use LPC2388 (144 pinout 16/32-bit ARM7 from NXP) as main processor while netDuino use AT91SAM7X512
(100 pinout 32-bit ARM7 from Atmel) as main processor.
4. Both FEZ domino and netDuino use .NET Micro framework to build applications and source code of the application is written in C# language
(USE Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Edition as their IDE)
5. They both are open source hardware platform and also have an emulator run on top of .Net Micro Framework.

Other useful netDuino resource
1 netDuino community
2 .Net Micro Framework advance emulator
3 netDuino project page


Look at two videos of netDuido below , the first video is about “how to build your first netDuino application”
and the second video is about NetDuino Emulator


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