Recommend GUI library for embedded system


It is GUI tool for embedded system that support various kinds of microcontroller and display controllers.The recommend microcontroller for use with easyGUI library should has a performace more than 10 MIPS.easyGUI support Monochrome , Grayscale and color display with different color level (i.e. Grayscale with 4,16,32 and 256 gray level or RGB color with 8, 12, 16, or 24 bits/pixel).It also support all sorts of compilers (the compilers of its supported-microcontroller) and its library is in C language only.You can view more information at easyGUI Website.

Sample picture from EasyGUI website.

Sample picture from EasyGUI website.


It is the software for building GUI (windows application) in various platforms (platforms of Target System) such as Linux,Windows,T-Engine,Solaris,MacOS X,uCLinux and others (visit here for support platform of WideStudio).It can create application using C/C++,Perl,Java,Python and Ruby.It also support OpenGL (Include OpenGL library,see its features here).WideStudio application builder (Its development environment) can be run on Windows,Linux,MacOS X,Solaris, etc.
WideStudio is open source and free (under MIT/X Consortium license).WideStudio Application Builder can be installed as Eclipse plugin too.You can view the example applications (windows/GUI) that was built by WideStudio by visiting here.

In my opinion I think WideStudio is suitable for building GUI application that will be run on Japanese Embedded Platform due to it support T-Engine and ITRON target system but not support other western embedded platforms.

WideStudio running on T-Engine Platform

WideStudio running on T-Engine Platform


It is embedded graphics library designed for use in real-time embedded system based on linux such as eCos,uClinux and other embedded linux kernels.It is light-weight GUI system that can be used on low-performace embedded platform too (refer to the website,it can run on 30MHz system with 4 MB of RAM).MiniGUI is one of widely used embedded gui system (you can see it on various types of electronics product from China or other countries).It also has both free version and commercial version.Please visit for the free version but if you want to pay for it, you can visit for commercial version.

MiniGUI 3.0 demo on YouTube


It is graphics library intended to use on rather high performance embedded system like Renesas SH7722 or others (see this page for 3rd party embedded hardware that support DirectFB).It’s high performance graphics library run on Linux platform only.DirectFB also provide Renesas SH7722 driver in order to use with this graphics library.



Microchip Graphics Design Resources

I don’t know much about graphics library from Microchip. I know it only used for Microchip PIC series, however you can view more information by visiting MICROCHIP website.

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