Wi-Fi Direct Technology

Monday , 25 October 2010 is the day that Wi-Fi direct certification was released to the mobile device manufacturer for the first time.

wifi direct

Wi-Fi direct is technology that developed from original Wi-Fi technology (it’s developed by
WiFi Alliance). This technology enable two mobile device to communicate to each other with ease
and safty.It’s also known as “bluetooth killer” because it can substitute for bluetooth technology
in every function of bluetooth. Otherwise it support more applications and more effective than
bluetooth technology.So bluetooth technology may come to an end in the next few years.

Although Wi-Fi direct was invented base on the original Wi-Fi technology , it require different working condition that is
” Wi-Fi direct doesn’t require network or signal distribution system because it make the devices able to connect with
each other by peer-to-peer technique and at the same time , it also make the internet connection of PC through smartphone
has better throughput and more secure that the current “ad hoc” method. “Ad hoc” is one mode exist in Wi-Fi technology that allow
the device to transfer data from device to device directly (Peer-to-Peer) but it is difficult to set up and its data transfer rate is around 11 Mbps only.
Wi-Fi direct can search for nearby equipment
without joining the network. It can inform you about services that end-point device can communicate data with.

Prominent point of Wi-Fi direct is its data communication speed up to 250 Mbps. This speed is sufficient for send
high resolution image to the printer or send high definition video from one mobile phone to another one fluently.
The working range of Wi-Fi direct is wider than the range of bluetooth. Its security system is WPA2 encoding
(Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) that can link with multiple devices in the meantime , for example , you can send an image
from your mobile phone to two mobile phones simultaneously.

A more convenient connection will also make the benefit to business organization, especially the businees that
concern with wireless communication. The WPA2 encoding can concisely protect user’s data from hacking.
The security system of Wi-Fi direct (WPA2) is better than bluetooth because it use AES 256-bit encryption method while
bluetooth 4.0 use AES 128-bit encryption.

Wi-Fi direct also backward compatible with ordinary Wi-Fi devices (or the device that support 802.11x networking starndard)
That mean you can connect your Wi-Fi direct supported device to notebook , netbook or printer without upgrading its hardware or software.
Nowadays, there’re many Wi-Fi certified devices such as Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 WiFi card , Samsung Galaxy S (World’s first smartphone
that support Wi-Fi direct).

Wi-Fi direct is new technology and I think it’s more effective than both “Ad hoc” and Bluetooth. This technology will be well-known in the near future and you will
see more and more Wi-Fi direct supported devices released to the market.

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