What Is Microsoft Lync and What Can It Do for You?

LincMicrosoft is bridging gaps in business communication for those looking to work faster and smarter. Customers of MS Lync, an enterprise-ready unified communications platform, say they have experienced cost reductions of over £2.5 million in savings per 1,000 employees – in as little as six months.

This is because the aim of Microsoft unified communications solutions such as Lync, is to pull together separate communications activities into one platform. By converging these separate channels you increase responsiveness, improve customer service and bring immediate cost savings to your business.

What is Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a popular Microsoft unified communications solution for any sized business that works by converging new and advanced office tools. By using separate avenues for communication such as text, voice calls or IM, we make things more difficult and time consuming.

Too much separate activity slows down employees, causes missed opportunities and means that the time taken to reach important decisions is longer, more complicated and frustrating. MS Lync combines and drives forward all of your communication channels; video, web and audio conferencing, voice, mobile, IM and voicemail to provide a seamless flow of continual activity.

This so-called ‘cross communication’ means that if you send one message via one medium, the person on the receiving end can obtain this via another, therefore information always reaches the recipient quicker and through the most appropriate device to them at that time.

How does Microsoft lync work?

One of the best things about Microsoft unified comms is that you do not have to be an IT expert to deploy, use or maintain it, making roll out and adoption quick and easy. Even small businesses can benefit from MS Lync as it does not require a big IT department to run it.

There are three different solutions with Microsoft Lync – one that is deployed on premises, one that is externally hosted or one that combines the best of both, it all depends on your business’ needs and resources. A reputable Microsoft unified communications provider will be able to help you reach the decision best for your requirements.

MS UC allows users to work faster and smarter by granting real time access to presence information, audio or video conferencing and voice through one simple interface. The desktop client is available for Windows and Mac, as well as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

It works by converging and driving forward the following tools:

• IM and Presence -including photos, availability, and location-plus instant messaging options
• Video Conferencing – users can create and join audio, video or web conferences in a single click
• Enterprise Voice – by combing an IP phone with the UC platform you have dedicated access to VoIP and telephony features
• Office integration – as a Microsoft product, Lync is the best UC platform on the market to sync with Microsoft Office and applications.
• Mobile apps – employees have access to the same desktop interface and UC system wherever they are in the world via an app designed for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Huge cost savings with MS Lync 2010

Customers of Microsoft Lync Communications have reported on average:

• Reduced travel spending by an average of 20-40%
• Lower messaging costs of 50-80%
• Reduced building costs by 30-40% with remote working policies
• Reduced bills for phone and audio conferencing by 20-40% due to VoIP capabilities
• Reduced system costs of 40-60% by replacing legacy hardware with UC servers

Finding your MS Hosted Lync provider

As always going straight to the source may be a risky business decision if you haven’t yet considered other unified communications solutions. By speaking to independent professionals you are able to better understand your position and requirements and whether or not MS Lync is really the best solution for you. Contact Elite Telecom for more information.

Nick Mannion is the Commercial Director for Elite Telecom, UK Unified Communications Providers. All information included in the article is provided and written by Nick on behalf of Elite.

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