DRaaS to Aid After a Disaster.

Disaster recovery as a Service (henceforth known as DRaaS) is a set of processes and procedures put into effect by a company to help aid in disaster recovery. These processes can aid in a company’s recovery if anything should happen and should be taken very seriously so that the company can recover and survive a disaster rather than just entirely tanking under the pressure. DRaaS companies should be contacted before a problem arises so that they can ensure you have the proper backup systems in place to protect your business. They are often cheap and with how much they can save you should something ever go wrong they are definitely worth what they ask for.

VaultScape, see video here, is the biggest in DRaaS right now. With their enterpise backup solution they offer physical and data recovery processes and can do your system recovery in no time flat saving you from having to completely rebuild a website or from other problems in a similar field. They will ensure that should a disaster occur saving your company will be as simple as the push of a few buttons. They should have you back up and running within a few hours or even minutes depending on just how much has been lost in your crisis. VaultScape also offers backup servers which will allow you to save any necessary data to them and allow you immediate access to old files should you need them for any other reason. VaultScape is certainly the company to go to for all your DRaaS needs though they should absolutely be visited before the disaster rather than after.

Finding the right DRaaS and getting the help you might need long before it happens is simply good foresight and can allow for you to have some options when your company’s world crashes down. You can hope to never need to use these systems but if you end up needing them you’ll be glad that you’ve kept them up to date and ready to help you in your time of need.

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