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1010 Talk VoIP Plans

In times like this when the country’s economy is not getting any better but the people’s needs, like Assisting Hands a homecare agency and other things including communication hasn’t changed, it is significant that they look for the most cost-effective way to make ends meet.
1010 Talk has just provided a solution for those who are always on call or staying on the line to reach out and communicate with people from different parts of the world. It includes plans which allow you to make unlimited calls both locally and abroad. It allows subscribers to easily manage their account online. It also includes free voicemail services like voicemail to email. Aside from this, they also support call transfers, three-way calling and call forwarding. Automatically, when there is an incoming call, the caller’s name will be displayed on the screen.
The plans can be Pay as you Go in which the users pay a very minimal amount every time they make a call. Below are the details for each plan:

  • For $10 (India Premium): This is specifically for those who make calls to India where they get really low rates when calling either a land line or mobile phone.
  • For $30 (Gold): This is useful to make as low as $.10 a minute per call to Israel.
  • For $50 (Platinum): This offers the lowest rate available and this is the best option when someone always makes international calls.

These are great for people who usually make local and international calls and are complaining of how much they have to pay for telephone bills. Although not stated above, 1010 Talk plans actually start at five dollars a month if you choose the right SIP trunking provider. With this, the user will have to pay for every outgoing call he or she makes but can enjoy unlimited incoming calls. And not only that, they also offer different ways to give the subscribers’ money back. Watch out for the following on the site where you can also register for your preferred plan:

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It is amazing how the company is very willing to give back the money of people who want to subscribe to 1010 Talk.