Wi-Fi Direct Technology

Monday , 25 October 2010 is the day that Wi-Fi direct certification was released to the mobile device manufacturer for the first time.

wifi direct

Wi-Fi direct is technology that developed from original Wi-Fi technology (it’s developed by
WiFi Alliance). This technology enable two mobile device to communicate to each other with ease
and safty.It’s also known as “bluetooth killer” because it can substitute for bluetooth technology
in every function of bluetooth. Otherwise it support more applications and more effective than
bluetooth technology.So bluetooth technology may come to an end in the next few years.

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Bluetooth is communication system of electronics device in short-range (about 5-6 metre) and without wire.It support Full duplex.Bluetooth was designed to be high speed communication. It can be used for sending the data between computer and mobile phone , mobile phone and smalltalk , etc…
Bluetooth use 2.4 Ghz radio frequency signal and the rate for sending the data is about 1 Mbps (one Mega-bit per second).This communication rate (1Mbps) make it suitable for sending digital sound signal with a little delay. Compare with wireless lan (WLAN), WLAN can send the signal within wider range than Bluetooth can but the advantage of Bluetooth over WLAN are “it is smaller,easy to install to the device and it consume less energy (about 0.1 watt)”.However Bluetooth is suitable for sending the streaming data signal more than other types of signal (such as sending the voice data signal from mobile phone to bluetooth headset).

Look at the video below for the pros and cons of Bluetooth.

Look at the video below for how does Bluetooth work.