computer aided software engineering

CASE tool overview.

CASE tool (Computer-Aided Software Engineering)

CASE tool is the software that support system development or facilitate in system development.It
has an ability in building various kinds of document during analysis and design the system.For the example such as building the UML diagram,the screen interface (Graphical User Interface),form and report etc…
Furthermore some CASE tool can automatically generate source code too.In system maintenance can use CASE tool to make the operation smoothly,quickly and correctly.CASE tool also help you to decrease the time in document improvement or source code improvement.So at the present time CASE tools have an important role in system development and system maintenance.

Formerly CASE tool was separated into two groups as follow…
1.Upper CASE tool is the software that used in the step of analysis and design the system.This CASE tool make various diagram such as DFD (Data flow diagram) . DFD is used for design the component of the system such as the input of system , the mechanism of system , the result of the system etc.Other diagrams such as ER diagram (Entity-relationship diagram),layout (the screen that used for bring the data into the system or screen of the report). The example of CASE tool in this group are ERwin and Visual UML.

2.Lower CASE tool is the software that can build the source code or program automatically from condition or determinate procedure such as we can write the program for manage the vacation of our employee from the specific workflow or we can write the database structure command by select from the menu.The example of CASE tool in the group are Ecore Diagram Editor and dzine.

3.Integrated CASE tool is software that fulfill the usability from system analysis,system design to the system implementation (writing the source code) and system testing.It is the software that combine Upper CASE tool and Lower CASE tool into one software.The example of CASE tool in this group is Rational Rose from IBM.

The story of CASE tool is not finish by this article.In the next article I will write about the review of CASE tools that are well-known nowadays such as MagicDraw, Visual Paradigm,Poseidon UML and the suggestion about Commercial CASE tools and Open Source CASE tools software list.

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