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This article is about my recommend embedded board
1. idea6410 board
This embedded board use Samsung S3C6410 ARM11 as the main processor.It come with
various type of peripheral interfaces as much as necessary. It suitable for automotive , industrial control applications or medical system.This board can run many OS such as Windows Embedded CE 6.0,
Embedded Linux 2.6, Android and Ubuntu.View more information about this board here.

idea6410 development board

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Interest ARM7 and ARM9 embedded development board

People who love an Embedded System must ever written a program to run in the microcontroller.Today I will suggest  some good embedded development board for people who interesting in ARM7/ARM9. These development board is rather high performance an all of them are 32-bit platform, of course they are not too expensive for you to buy them!

For a long time I have developed ARM7 embedded system , I think the ARM7 LPC2478/LPC2378 from NXP is a good one to study and the development board I recommand is as below




The above link may be changed or deleted, so I recommend you to search for the arm7 from the seller name “esky-sh” instead because this seller is selling ARM7 development board.


1. (this board can develop with uClinux as well as C for ARM)



About the ARM9 development board , I found them a lot on ebay and almost of them used the Samsung S3C2440 as the main MPU (microcontroller processing unit) as below.


but I also recommend this seller  ->>

that is esky-sh

Another interesting one is the product from The development board from Tin Can Tools was developed as the separated embedded module so It will be easy for integrate the other embedded module to it because it come with prototyping board!!!

Of course, you can find this interesting board from