Becoming Cisco and CCNA Certified Will Help Your Career

Cisco TrainingBecoming certified with the best Cisco and CCNA training courses offered at Learn iT is a must for those looking for employment as IT or Networking professionals. Employers are looking for candidates with Cisco and CCNA certification because such certification serves as an indicator that the potential employee will be able to setup, manage, and troubleshoot standard and higher level networking and IT applications. Such applications include setting up Local Area Networks (LAN’s), Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) and Redundant Networks, eliminating data loss and boosting throughput and efficiency for the entire business.

CISCO and CCNA Certification will also indicate that the applicant is knowledgeable on the most widely used networking protocols, such as Standard Ethernet, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, IGRP and IP RIP. Knowledge of these protocols allows IT and Networking Professionals to be comfortable with most networks, even if they didn’t set up the network personally. A protocol is a developed set of standards within networking, meaning that if an IT worker is familiar with a protocol, they’ll be able to work with and troubleshoot any network using that protocol.

CCNA TrainingThere are five levels of CISCO Certification offered at (Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect) and eight different path choices covering the spectrum of IT and Networking skills, so you can choose the appropriate training options that would be most applicable to your field of choice. Showing a potential employer the steps you have taken to further your own career potential will not only provide a visible outline your core skills and competencies (and whether they fit with the job you’re applying for), but will also show them that you have gone above and beyond the rest of the pack, dedicating your time and effort to Cisco training classes and certification that will serve you well once you become a working professional.

Invest in becoming Cisco and CCNA Certified now. You will learn the skills you need to succeed in the IT and Networking world and have the certification to prove it. Check out for an up to date training schedule.