Websites you should visit.

Today I decide to stop writing the technical article and start writing other topic apart from technical topic.
I think it will make my blog lively and not so serious.The story for today is about the websites you should visit, they are… is website that provide the service of file sharing and real-time
presentation.With this service you can upload your files to and let other
people to download , comment or upload other files to your account.Otherwise
you can react to the person who are looking to your files in real-time via chat,
email or telephone.
The advantage of is the combination of SocialNetwork website with
file-storing website.This feature make the complete people-to-people
association website that not only can comment on the profile of each person
but also can upload or download the information of other person too.Visit it here.


Rememberthemilk is the website that help you arrange your task or
your to-do-list. Maybe it work similar to organizer but it have an advantage in that
it can remind you via msn,google talk,email,ICQ,Skype,Yahoo or send the SMS
to your mobile phone, so you won’t miss your task no matter where you are.
You can find more about it here.

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Thank you.