Software Process and Software Development model.

This article is about Software Process.

What is software process.

The software process is the process that applied to the developing
of software and accomplish the software development project.
The fundamental of software process can be devided into the 4 process
as follow
1.Software Specification
2.Software Design and Implementation
3.Software Validation
4.Software Evolution

Software Specification is the method to defind the characteristic of software we
want to develop.

Software Design and Implementation is the method to build or develop
the software to agree with the Software Specification

Software Validation is the method to check for the accuracy of the
developed software or check the function of the software whether it
match the customer’s requirement.

Software Evolution is the method to improve the software.Make the software
flexible for the alteration of customer’s requirement or to make the software
ready for support the changing of technology.

What is Software Process Model?

Software Process Model is the model of software development
of the 4 topic I mentioned above. We can write a graph or picture that easy to
understand for represent the Software Process Model.Today there are
so many software process model such as Waterfall model,V-model,Agile,
Extreme programming, Lean, etc…

I will show you only the important Software Process
Model that normally used today.

It is the V-model and agile but I will write them for my next articles.
For more information about it , you can look for it
at or other site such as

SE concept (Before know more about software engineering).

Software engineering, known as SE, is the development, design, maintenance and documentation of software by applying practices and various technologies from fields such as computer science, engineering, application domains, project management, digital asset management and interface design.

The conception, development and verification of a software system is what software engineering is all about. It is necessary to identify, define, realize and verify the resultant software’s required characteristics. Necessary testing is required for attributes such as reliability, functionality, testability, maintainability, ease of use, availability and portability. In software engineering, software can be verified to meet these requirements by having design and technical specifications prepared and implemented correctly. The characteristics of the software development process are also important in software engineering. Development itself, development duration and risks in software development are examples of such characteristics.

A computer uses software as part of its system that allows the hardware to operate properly. Software can be system software or application software. System software includes the main operating system and a variety of other utilities that enable the computer and its applications to run. Application software includes the computer programs and relevant documentation responsible for end-user data processing tasks. This kind of software is developed for such tasks as word processing, payroll, inventory and production control.

Software Development

A series of processes undertaken systematically to improve a business through using computerized information systems is what is known as software development. There are two major components to software development, which are systems analysis and design.

Systems analysis is the specification of what exactly the system is required to do, or the main objective. Design is about how to make the system do what is required of it. For system analysis, it is required to study the current system by certain procedures in order to gather and interpret data and facts, identify any problems and use this data to improve the system currently in use. System design refers to the process of developing a new system, concentrating heavily on the technical specifications and other specifications that make the system operations.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle, or SDLC, is a sequence of events done by designers, analysts and users to develop and execute an information system. There are a number of stages to this practice, which can overlap. The stages are Preliminary investigation (which is feasibility study), Determination of system requirements (which is analysis), Design of system, Development of software, System testing, System Implementation and System Maintenance in that order.

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