single board computers

Single board computers



Single board computers
Single board computers are those little circuit boards with the necessary components to be used as a digital computer and ideal for an outsourced IT specialist like PPC Managed Services. They are not commonly seen as they are and that is the reason why most of us can’t recognize them even if we have one in front of us. However, a lot of people have used single board computers because they are often embedded in gadgets like mobile phones, facsimile machines, GPS and other computer technological products.

Single board computer is what a printed circuit board with memory, a processor, input – output and a digital clock is called. Single board computers (otherwise known as SBCs) look a lot like the motherboard inside an ordinary personal computer but with a small design.

Because they are really small, they are also known as embedded computers. SBCs may come in different sizes, too. In fact, they are used from aero planes to sky rockets. In a more general sense, they can be present in toys or highly technological shoes. It is easy to assume that everyone has used single board computers without realizing that they exist.

Nowadays, smaller versions of computers are becoming very common. While they can accommodate full versions of operating system like Windows XP, SBCs have their own internal operating systems which don’t occupy much space. It is a fact that simpler operating systems mean not costing a lot. Without affecting processor performance, input/output, capability to store some files and its wireless connection, single board computers can do the basic functions of a personal computer.

The Good and Bad about Single Board Computers

Like any other products, SBCs have two sides, too. The decision to whether or not to employ the technology of single board computers is influence by how important the application is and how much it costs.

Below are the positive factors to consider:

  1. The high technological advancement nowadays have improved the capabilities of single board computers as they become smaller and less costly.
  2. Internet access using the SBCs has been made possible with the use of Wireless technology.
  3. Because of it is now available in the competitive market, better functions and variety of single board computers are also made available to the users.
  4. Highly developed computer technology presents dependability for industrial producers and the quality of their products using SBC’s.

On the other hand, employing SBCs may not be cheap or reasonable when incorporated with products of high volume and other applications. Also, there are some of these applications that need made to order sizes. Another possibility is that the input/output of certain devices are not compatible with single board computers.

Despite these possibilities, though. A lot of companies opt to use SBCs in the production of their high end devices rather than make their customized industrial single board computers, which is why a lot of organizations use a managed services provider to maintain them.