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Tool for convert the picture file to C source code.

Today the story is about the tool that help you translate the image file into the C source
code.This tool have an advantage in that when you want to show some picture to display on the LCD of
your embedded development platform, you must translate the picture file that you can normally see on
your computer to be the array of color code that will be represented the whole pixels of that picture file (
of course , the array of color code , you can’t see it).It is “BMP2C”.You can get this
program from by follow this link

This program is an opensource so you can modify it to suitable for your project, or continue to
develop it to be better than the current version.This program can be used with various LCD driver and can
generate the color data that represent the color of the pixel range up to 32 bits, but it don’t provide the lcd
driver program for you , so if you want to use it you have to write the code to control the LCD driver first.

The disadvantage of this program is that it is a command line program (no gui) however it also can
run on MS windows XP (For Windows Vista  -> I don’t know) .You can easily run it by follow this step.

1. Click at the menu name “Run…” on the Start Menu of Windows XP.
2. Type the word “cmd” on the white blank and then press OK , this will open the command-line
program of Windows XP.
3. Go to the directory that you store the execute file of this program ( name “bmp2c.exe” ) and then run it.
4. follow the instruction ,  afterthis please follow the help document of this program by yourself
(the good document is already come with this program).

please note that this program can be used with the picture file extension “.bmp” only.

Thank you.


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Good tool for browsing and analyze your source code

Hello, today I will present about the good source code browser & analyzer.
It is “Source Insight”.Source Insight is the program used for browse a big source code.
It can help you to easy jump to the definition of the symbols while you are currently
browsing the source code , this will help you save the time for find the value of that symbol by yourself.
(symbols are such as the variable,the function,constant variable,define directive,or
else that is the symbol in programming language)
It can look for the caller of the current function.Otherwise It can integrate with the
version control such as CVS or SVN by add the version control command to the source insight program.
For more information you can visit the website at This program can browse and analysis a various langauge (such as C,C#,C++,JAVA,VHDL,etc).The current version for free Trial is 3.5 and you
can use it for free for 35 days.But if you like it and want to buy it, the price is $239
(for the hard copy,the price may increase more than this price).