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Radio Data Systems

Radio Data Systems (RDS) are a technology that is quickly catching on and becoming a popular feature in radios. Radio Data Systems are becoming an integral part of all radio systems today. Radio Data Systems give radio stations the ability to send information/data to your radio. Have you ever seen the artist and song name on your radio? That is made possible because your radio has a built in RDS.

Most new radios support Radio Data Systems. If you can’t find a radio near you then look no further than your car for an example. Most car manufactures are adding Radio Data System support to the radios of their cars. Pay attention to the information being presented on your radio player and you’ll see how an RDS compatible radio comes in handy.



Radio Data Systems come equipped with many key features as below…

1. Program Service name (PS)
2. Program Identification code (PI)
3. Enhanced Other Networks (EON)
4. Clock Time (CT)
5. Regional (REG)
6. Alternative Frequencies (AF)
7. Programme Type (PTY)
8. Radio Text (RT)
9. Traffic Announcement (TA)
10. Traffic Programme (TP)
11. Traffic Message Channel (TMC)

Source : Wikipedia

This article doesn’t describe all above RDS features.However, I pick only some important features to explain in this article. Some of the them include, RadioText, alternative frequencies, traffic announcement and programme type. RadioText (RT) allows radio stations to send a message that can be unchanging, or a message that changes depending on what the radio station is playing. Alternative frequencies (AF) are one of the best RDS features; especially for car radios. It allows the frequency to be changed on the radio’s receiver for stronger reception. Traffic announcement (TA) is also a very helpful feature. If you have a multifunctional radio player and your listening to a CD but still really want to hear the traffic announcement/update this feature will stop the CD and take you to the station that’s making the traffic update. Another terrific feature is Programme Type (PTY). Programme Type categorizes each radio station into a genre. So if you want to listen to the news you can quickly and easily listen to all the news channels and not have to go through the music channels. It also categorizes stations according to the style of music they play. So if you’re in the mood for rock and roll you can easily find all the rock and roll music stations and not have to go through the other music (and news) stations like opera, rap etc.

So as you can see Radio Data System’s offer a lot of features that are very practical and can help in day to day life. Radio Data Systems make your radio player more efficient and easy to use. It’s easy to see why they are becoming so popular. For more information about radio data systems please take a look at RDS forum website.

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