How to choose Xbee module


How to choose Xbee module.

Two steps you should consider when you want to buy Xbee module.

1. Range of send/receive signal of Xbee module.

Xbee module can be separated obviously into two series in term of “The range of send and receive signal”.
The word “PRO” was used to indicate the difference between each series. Xbee series without word “PRO”
is designed for short-range wireless communication (around 100 metre when use outdoor) with power output between 1 – 2 mW.
Example of Xbee module in this series is XBee 802.15.4 .
Xbee series with word “PRO” is more powerful. It’s designed for long-range communication (up to 1600 metre when use outdoor) and
have power output between 50-60 mW. Example of Xbee module in this series is XBee-PRO 802.15.4 .
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More on Xbee part one.

Xbee is the device that integrate Microcontroller and RF IC into one piece (one module).
It work as transceiver equipment (the equipment that can both send and receive signal).
Xbee is half-duplex and it operate at 2.4 GHz frequency band. It consume low electric power and easy to use because
the interface used for sending and receiving data with Xbee is UART (TTL), so we can connect the UART communication pin of Xbee to
the UART of microcontroller directly.

Common features summary of Xbee
1. Operating Frequency ISM Band 2.4 GHz
(ISM Band is the frequency band that reserved for use in scientific , medical and industrial purpose. To know more
about ISM Band , please visit this wikipedia page)
2. Supply Voltage between 2.8 – 3.4 Volt
3. Can use together with various types of antenna such as Chip Antenna , Whip Antenna and connector like
U.FL connector , RP-SMA connector (but you have to find the 2.4 GHz antenna in order to use with these connectors).
4. Power Down Current < 10 uA 5. RF data rate of Xbee is about 250 Kbps (this is the data rate of signal that sent via the air) 6. Serial interface data rate is between 1200 - 115200 Bps (this is the data rate of communication between Xbee module and microcontroller) Continue reading

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Xbee is one of popular wireless module in the world. It support two-ways communication (one Xbee
module can send or receive the data to/from other modules).The different between Zigbee
and Xbee is Zigbee is name of industry standard while Xbee is name of Zigbee standard
module produced by Digi
.Xbee can communicate via UART (TX,RX signal) and sending the signal (data) within the short range is very accurate.Xbee module have an internal IC that help
in encoding the data.The main advantage of this module is it consume low watt (low
electric power),small size and cheap
.Although it is restricted to send data within short
distance, it can send data from one node to another node and this feature make it
appropriate for making wireless sensor network.

The below image is the picture of xbee module

Picture of Xbee module

Picture of Xbee module

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